SaaS Tutorial Video Shirofune

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SaaS Onboarding Tutorial – Shirofune’s Ad Platform



We at LightShift Video had a blast working with Shirofune to create a super engaging and easy-to-follow onboarding tutorial for their ad targeting platform. This project was part of our SaaS Activation Stack, which means we didn’t just stop at onboarding; we also created a product demo and user tutorials to give Shirofune users the best possible start with their new software. We really got our hands dirty with Shirofune’s platform, diving headfirst into every feature to make sure our tutorial was top-notch and spot on for their users.

We worked hand-in-hand with the Shirofune team, working deep within their software, connected ad accounts, having technical discussions on Zoom, and collaborating with their team to ensure every detail was covered in the tutorial. Our goal was to make it as straightforward and helpful as possible, so Shirofune’s potential, new, and existing users could hit the ground running with their ad campaigns. We’re stoked about the final product and confident that our onboarding tutorial will make getting started with Shirofune a breeze. See yourself how LightShift Video and Shirofune came together to create something awesome!