SaaS Software Promo Video SocialPoint Challenge Bar Trivia

socialpoint saas product demo

SaaS Promo with a Trade Show Component – SocialPoint Challenge Bar Trivia



This is a SaaS promo we put together for SocialPoint’s Challenge Bar Trivia solution. What’s unique about this product is that it also has a live trade show component that can be set up for clients.

We worked closely with the client to find the best methods for screen capturing their live software, nailing down narration, getting the UNIQUE branding right, recording and editing professional voiceover, adding royalty-free background music, and doing all of the post-production work. We did a review cycle with the client using our professional review tools that allow you to timestamp, draw, and annotate directly on the video to communicate changes effectively. Once it was all said and done, we did a quick debrief with the client and they were extremely happy with the result!