Hanoi Street Food and Beer – Saigon Style Sea Snail Eating at Oc Chi Le

Join Bill Kearney, Founder of LightShift Video, as he stumbles across this hidden gem of a seafood and snail restaurant in the north part of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam. Whether you prefer tamarind, garlic butter, or fish sauce with your snails, Oc Chi Le delivers a Saigon style snail eating experience.

Feasting on snails is truly a Vietnamese street food experience like none other. You may be turned off by the thought of eating a bowl full of snails, but the meat has a very similar consistency to clams, oysters, and mussels, and is quite tasty. The various delectable sauces that these snails are cooked in will turn you into a full-fledged mollusk lover in no time.

Wash it all down with 333 or Bia Saigon beer, and you’ve got some of the best “drinking food” in the world! Just a short drive by one of these snail shops on a weekend evening will show you the immense popularity of this cuisine.