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As an older athlete, Catherine was struggling with recovery after her 1st Ironman and some injuries. Knowing nutrition was the missing link to success – not just for recovery but for the energy necessary to train day after day.

Catherine got right to work getting herself informed and educated on nutrition. She was fortunate enough to find Dr. Minkoff, M.D. (BodyHealth founder) on a podcast. She was impressed not just with his expertise – but he was also an accomplished Ironman competitor (Completed 42 Ironman competitions). This led her to immediately try PerfectAmino – flagship product from BodyHealth.

PerfectAmino® contains the eight essential amino acids the body needs to support and maintain its muscular, skeletal, enzymatic, and hormonal systems. The essential amino acids in PerfectAmino are in the exact proportions needed for maximum utilization by the body. PerfectAmino is All-Natural, Sourced from the highest quality Organic ingredients, it’s Dr. Formulated, Gluten Free, Soy/Egg & Dairy Free and made in the USA.

BodyHealth PerfectAmino:

She immediatly incorporated PerfectAmino into her training and nutrition program and BINGO – she won some 70.3’s, went to world championships – the big bonus – wining an Ironman and earning a coveted spot for Kona.

Listen to the rest of her story then experience the difference for yourself!

Catherine is an Ironman Certified Coach, Advanced Holistic Nutrition Therapist, fitness trainer with a B. Ed, and over 25 years experience coaching athletes in skiing, track, cross-country running, and triathlon with three years coaching Ironman. I have been an endurance runner and triathlete for 25 years qualifying for 70.3, duathlon and ITU World Championships.

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