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About Us

We deliver tech-savvy video production for software companies and other technical businesses. We write, narrate, and produce software demos, tutorials, and promotions for Windows, Mac, Web (SaaS), and Android/iOS applications. In addition, we create professional social media content to promote and build our clients’ brands.

We’re LightShift Video. Welcome to our site!

Our company specializes in techy and geeky video creation for technical startups with traction, all the way up to the world’s largest software companies. Our clients trust in us to provide high quality, impactful videos that leave an impression on the viewer and promote their brand.

Videographers, video producers, video editors — they’re a dime a dozen. A video production company with a computer engineering and tech-writing background, specially niched to produce technical content with little to no direction? That’s LightShift Video, and we’re second to none.

We like talking about SaaS software, developing demo environments, hosting software on virtual machines, and doing 4K 60fps captures off of our high-end graphics hardware. Take that technical back-end, mix it with creativity and years of video production experience, and you have software demos that are authentic, easy to comprehend, and pleasing to the eye.

Let’s face it. When starting a business, time is precious. Every task you can outsource to another professional gives you more time you can spend doing the tasks that only you as a founder can really do. As beneficial as video is to your company, spending hours trying to master the industry standard tools we use such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Captivate can be a huge learning curve. We’ve heard from many clients who start out looking to do their software tutorials in-house, but discover it’s very time consuming if you don’t do it every day. We live this stuff and when we carry the torch for you, this is one big responsibility you can take off your “to-do” list immediately!

Moreover, with extensive experience in Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook video creation (standard 16:9, square 1:1, and “vertical” 9:16 video), we know how to make quick, snappy social media videos that get attention. Do you want longer form promotional videos, software tutorials, green screen videos, motion graphics, vertical trade show billboards, and Android/iOS app previews and promos? Yep, we do that too–and with unparalleled quality.

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us here, or simply follow us on any of our social media channels to connect with us. Let’s get creating, y’all!

Why Choose Us?

“Bill was great to work with. He was always prompt with his communication and was very technically skilled. He completed five videos for us during this job and he will be the first person we reach out to in the future whenever another video related job arises. Great work!”

Pat R.

“Bill is a talented professional who helped train a pair of our team members with no prior video editing experience to become absolute Premiere superstars. In addition, he created templates, intros, and animations which have helped make our videos look like they were done professionally at a fraction of the cost. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone seeking similar work done.”

Seth H.

“Bill is extremely professional, quick and very pleasant to work with. He helped us with screen recordings and voiceover for our TAMP software. It can be involved and difficult and yet Bill very quickly understood how the platform works and delivered high quality work. Not only he helped with the videos, but because of his experience he also helped us to streamline our workflow for the video production. I absolutely recommend working with Bill.”

Benedek S.

“Bill did a great job. He’s extremely easy to work with. He Is quick to pick up things and deliverables are timely and professional. I would gladly work with him again.”

John L.

“Another great job. Quick turnaround, solid suggestions, excellent work.”

Linda F.

“Bill was tremendously helpful in many facets of this project. He went above and beyond to ensure that videos were produced as we wanted them to be. As one quick example: Bill created a spreadsheet to automate the calculation of the numbers that were presented in the videos. Technically, I probably needed to come up with that solution, but Bill took it upon himself to create a more efficient way to produce multiple videos. Thanks again Bill!”

Chad M.

“Bill did an amazing job in creating various versions of a keynote presentation (trailer, 8 minute, 15 minute). He went above and beyond in working with me given a rather hectic scheduled on my end. He brought a number of creative ideas to the table.”

Paul E.

“Very hard working, emotionally intelligent, and creative. Went above and beyond. We look forward to working with Bill again in the near future. Thank you!!!”

Erik G.

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