A Client Journey to Smarter SaaS Customer Onboarding

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Picture this…

You’re stuck in a never-ending loop of repetitive, time-consuming training sessions. Brent Burns and Steve Huxley, co-founders of Asset Dedication, knew this feeling all too well. Brent often found himself in a “Groundhog Day” scenario, repeatedly showing new financial planners how to use their software and navigate their site. Steve struggled with repetitive and time-consuming financial talks and training sessions. They needed a way to provide a seamless SaaS customer onboarding and financial training experience for their clients and save their sanity—that’s when they turned to LightShift Video for an innovative and out-of-the-box solution.

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The Common Challenge with SaaS Customer Onboarding:

Many SaaS companies are like hamsters on a wheel, struggling to efficiently onboard new clients and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed. Asset Dedication’s situation was no different. They knew they had to do something to shake up their SaaS customer onboarding process and make it more effective and engaging for their users.

The Results:

By implementing video tutorials for their clients, Asset Dedication saw a significant improvement in their customer onboarding process after implementing these game-changing videos. Clients who logged into their website were immediately drawn to the videos for an introduction to the services offered. The videos also doubled as handy training elements for other advisors and users learning their financial planning concepts.

Clients were more receptive to the video tutorials and had fewer questions after watching them, making the onboarding experience smoother and more efficient.

As Steve Huxley put it, “We found that there’s a much greater reception in terms of training and understanding. Our clients, both the financial planners and their end clients, have found the videos to be incredibly helpful. It’s been a real game-changer in terms of how we engage with our clients.”

This fresh new approach not only saved Steve, Brent, and the Asset Dedication team tons of time but also skyrocketed user engagement and understanding. It was a win-win for everyone involved!

“The investment we made in creating these high-quality video tutorials has paid off tenfold. Our clients are more engaged, and our team can focus on more important tasks rather than repetitive training sessions,” said Brent.

The Seamless Collaboration:

Asset Dedication initially tried out a couple of video companies but quickly found themselves drowning in excessive back-and-forth communication. They needed a solution that would understand their needs and deliver quality results without the need for constant handholding.

That’s when they discovered LightShift Video. Asset Dedication’s collaboration with LightShift Video proved to be a winning combination. The professional team at LightShift understood their requirements and was able to provide a well-produced, clear, and concise package without the need for extensive back-and-forth communication.

Brent praised the collaboration, stating, “The biggest benefit for us working with LightShift is, I can go in and say, ‘Here’s all the things that we need to know. This is how it works.’ And I don’t have to have a whole lot of back and forth.”

The Solution: LightShift Video

Understanding the importance of innovative video solutions for today’s businesses, LightShift Video is all about helping SaaS/cloud-based software companies attract, nurture, and retain their customers using tech-savvy video solutions and strategic content. With a team of tech-oriented video creators, we offer professional execution, well-defined and lean processes, and innovative technology to create massive value for our clients.

By working with LightShift Video, Asset Dedication escaped their “Groundhog Day” nightmare, hopped off the hamster wheel, and provided their clients with an engaging onboarding experience.

As Brent said, “Working with LightShift Video has been a seamless experience. They’ve helped us elevate our training content, and their responsiveness to our feedback has been fantastic.”

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